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As most of us know, us Meukers have gone through a lot together. But to give new players a short overview on MeukRO, here goes:

It dates as far back as NekoRO, run by the infamous Neko. This server had mid-rates, but had two flaws. The first was that Neko decided to run the server on Windows. What more, MVPs died in a single hit. This meant that anyone could hunt MVPs, and they re-spawned faster than normal because the server would crash. Neko eventually shut down this god-awful server, but this meant a better future for all of us.

Word circulating in the irc channel and on the forums said that there was a new server. Just days after NekoRO was officially retired, two great people from the Netherlands decided to host their own server. Scrappy and Fuzzy hosted the original MeukRO in Spring 2003. The rates were 20/20/20 and they implemented a ladder so we could check our ranking. Slippy was a great scripter, and helped make a lot of things possible.

As time went on in our game, they lowered the rates to 15/15/15 so that we could have more fun playing the game. The GM team decided to make a custom server, that had a storyline and was more quest driven. It was sometime during this process that the economy crashed. The server was wiped and the rates cut again. The server started fresh with some of the custom scripting such as Meuk Time. Slippy's brother was making a website, and Slippy had to part with MeukRO around that time. The project halted, and MeukRO was down for quite some time.

Scrappy put the server back up, but it just never became as popular as it once was. He became tired of Raganrok, and began moving to other games such as Lineage. Scrappy passed on MeukRO to Starlon, who's reign was short lived. A new play, Ecco, decided she would carry on the server in Texas. The server ran well for some some time. Lots of people played, events went on, things were great. The new versions of eAthena that came in were buggy, things went wrong and another wipe was needed. Instead of reviving Meuk after that, Ecco and Nicodemus (her boyfriend) decided that since the server was under new administration it needed a new name and some changes. The server became known as Varakai, and had 3/3/3 rates. These rates are not bad if there is a large population, but with 20 people it was rather unbearable. Many moved servers and many more simply quit. As of now, the server is up but there are 0 people on. The ladder is dominated by people who came from Meuk, but they had enough of Ecco's regime.

One fateful day, I was talking with Fuzzy. He told me that he was playing on DevilishRO, and was looking at LunarisRO. I decided that Lunaris looked good and give RO another chance. I joined and soon found out that many good players from MeukRO were joining. Papillon's brother told me about the Band of Hawk guild and I had to join. This was the staging ground for the majority of Meuk players who wanted to keep playing RO. But what about those who didn't quit or move servers? Starlon, Crazo, Lefritz, and Knives were GMs at Varakai. Fuzzy still played DevilishRO from time to time, but Scrappy was done.

Eventually Scrappy and Fuzzy decided that they would work on a Ragnarok Online 2 emulator. This project was entitled Saga, and became the staging grounds for us Meukers to gather around. We tired a couple online games, but none of them stuck. Then Sheshnir, one of MeukRO's later GM's announced that he was reviving MeukRO in it's homeland - the Netherlands. There was much activity, and when Sheshnir came back from Italy there was a lot of work to do. Most of the former MeukRO GM's were happy to join, and help getting the server back up as soon as possible. Within a week MeukRO was up, with 8/8/5 rates, most NPC's we had in the past, and naturally we are trying to capture the feel that we all remembered. Apart from that, we also want MeukRO to be a server for new players, players that do not have 'the meukro feeling' yet. We will do our best to make the server as good as possible, keeping it well balanced. About the new MeukRO : Our hometown is Old Payon and we have restored some of the older, more popular spawns. We have a reset NPC, free to use till level 80, after that there is a nifty charge. There is a Warpra, allowing players to warp to any city in Rune Midgard. We also have a guildstorage NPC, a card remover with a 1,5m charge, some fun NPC's and ofcourse we have a great GM Team! Of course there are people who'll say we have too many GM's, but remember; if you need help you WILL GET help. Also, we are not a new server, we are reviving a server, hoping to make it better. Ofcourse there are still some bugs we need to fix, and we also need a new host in the near future, but soon, MeukRO can be our pride again.